Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tatting(-less) Tuesday - Strolling Through Silverton

Larry is in Oregon for a few days, but my tatting is still at home. I forgot to pack it! Oh, well, I will just have to catch up for next week.

In the meantime, I have been walking about lovely downtown Silverton, and checking out the shops.  In several of the antique stores, I found vintage sewing machines.  The first one was a bentwood case model, an Old Homestead II:

Old Homestead II model sewing machine and case - Top View
 It is apparently an electric motor version, although the motor is not currently installed, and I didn't see a belt for it anywhere

Old Homestead II model sewing machine and case - Front View
 I believe that is the foot controller, to the left of the motor.  If you look closely, you can just make out the worn lettering of the end of the name, inside the decal on the arm.

Old Homestead II model sewing machine and case - Storage Compartment
Included in the case was this storage compartment, to the right of the machine, with a few additional attachments and spare needles. A wooden top slides into grooves around the edges to close up the compartment.

Next I spotted a treadle table and machine in the corner of another store:

Treadle Machine - Front View

Treadle Table - Front View
 This appears to be a Singer machine, given the Singer Manufacturing Company badge on the front of the throat.  Also found there is a label from a company (based in Los Angeles) that apparently worked on it some time in the past.

Singer Badge and Repair Shop Label
 Here you can better see some of the detail of the artwork still decorating the arm and throat.

Front View

Rear View
Finally, at yet another shop, there was a machine (already sold!) that had been made into a lamp.

Singer Sewing Machine Lamp
I don't think this is the approved way to add a light onto your sewing machine!  The lamp works, of course, and the machine can still be turned, although I am unsure that it would actually sew. And I don't know if they had to drill bigger holes in the machine to thread the wires through, or if the original holes were big enough.



margaret said...

wonder did you get tempted and but either of these, I certainly did not like the adaption with the lamp

Anonymous said...

I was tempted by the treadle machine, but I don't think I'd ever get it in the overhead bin on the plane!