Sunday, August 16, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 14

Larry is in Oregon for a few days, visiting his sister's family and his father, but before he left, he got the old washing machine tub ready for disposal.  This tub has been sitting in our backyard ever since we got a replacement tub... several years ago.

Washing Machine Tub - 4.25 pounds
Larry gets it down to almost nothing in size.

Broken Down for Disposal
Since Larry had to do so much work on the tub, I selected five additional items from my extensive cookbook collection for him to use as his weekly purge.  I used to belong to a cookbook club. Sometimes cookbooks just arrived, you know?  I did not even realize I had duplicates of two of them.

11.25 lbs

Man, those cookbooks are heavy!

I will never reread these Jan Kaon hardbacks.  I enjoyed all her books up until In the Company of Others, which I did not care for at all, so I decided to get rid of all the hardbacks.  I am sure someone else will enjoy them.  The first half dozen or so books in the "Mitford" series are really excellent; I have them in paperback.

8.5 lbs

Larry left with the camera card in his computer, so you will be seeing pictures from my phone until he gets back.

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margaret said...

another good clear out, I have lots of things to find a home for, embroidery books I know longer want and lots of dressmaking fabric which I will never use etc it is just getting it to somewhere that is the problem. I t is not often I miss my car but at times like this it would be a great help