Monday, August 17, 2015

Grand Illusion - Blocks Complete

It took about an hour per row of five blocks, but I finally got all 25 Grand Illusion blocks assembled, though they still need to be ironed.  My next step will be to assemble the sashing.  I think I will put together the sashing for the tops and bottoms of the blocks next. 

Let's see how many steps are still left before quilting:

  1. Assemble sash for tops and bottoms of blocks,
  2. Sew vertical rows of blocks and sashing,
  3. Assemble vertical rows of sashing and cornerstones,
  4. Sew vertical rows of blocks to vertical rows of sashing,
  5. Piece borders,
  6. Apply borders,
Am I forgetting anything?  I still have not found the perfect backing material for this quilt.  I want a fabric that incorporates most of the colors except for the black: pink, yellow, turquoise and green.  I would like to find a nice, restful batik in those colors because I think this quilt might be displayed upside down as often as not.  lol

1 comment:

margaret said...

enjoy putting this all together it is a pretty amazing quilt and certainly well named