Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Snow Dragon Progress

Last week I had finished the body of the Snow Dragon from the Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon patterns, and I was looking forward to completing the wings and putting it together. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten very far on the wings.

Snow Dragon Wing (started)
I found out that these dragon wings are very complex, working with two shuttles and making rings, chains, and split rings with both. It is especially hard to keep straight when worked in the same color thread. I have started working a test piece in different colors so that I can see better how the different threads work together.

Dragon Wing Test
From the pattern, this is how the wing is to start, with the upper ring and the outside half of the split ring (on the right) in one thread (that is, from one shuttle), and the rest of the row worked from the other thread (from the second shuttle).  Then it gets really complicated.  

I think I am going to have to work out how to break the pattern down even more, so that it tells me not only what stitches to do, but also which shuttle to do them with.


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margaret said...

your dragon certainly looks so complicated but I believe without a shadow of doubt you will make it in no time at all,