Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gifts from Silverton

Larry got back from seeing his Dad and his sister's family yesterday.  He took the shuttle and the train, and I picked him up at the station in downtown Fort Worth.  Much better than driving out to the airport during rush hour.  And he brought me presents:  three darling cards, with actual knitting and a real nine-patch block on them!

I teased him about finding a fabric store, and he teased me right back by finding one.  It is apparently call the Hi-School Pharmacy and is an amalgamation of a drugstore, craft store and a hardware store... which had fabric too.  

Larry went straight for the batiks (I think I will keep him.)  I am thrilled with his selection, and also with the fact that he asked the locals where he could purchase fabric, then walked there.  It is very good to have him home; he is the sprinkles on my cupcake!

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas


Mary said...

How neat that your husband did that for you. He is a keeper! Great choices.

margaret said...

such cute cards and what a good boy finding the fabric for you, love the sprinkles on your cupcake