Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fantasy Pony - Complete!

I didn't get much blogging done since we got back from Vegas, but I did finally finish the Fantasy Pony quilt. I was very pleased with the results; I think it turned out very cool.

The center is a panel (of course) though non-quilters might think it's not. I learned an important lesson about working with panels: Always buy two more rows of pictures than you are going to need. That way you can use the entire surrounding fabric in the quilt and your borders will be nicely distanced from the center panel. I only bought one extra row of pictures, and the cutting lady evenly divided up the turquoise between the pictures and I got half. This half frayed down to almost nothing during the pre-wash, so I ended up attaching some extra turquoise (about a half inch) to the top and bottom of the panel so I would have some turquoise between the yellow of the panels and the green of the first border. What a pain!

Here's a detail of the corner. I used all the Sally Collin's "Perfect Piecing" methods that I could and the quilt came out much squarer than normal. 8-) It's draping here, but it was actually quite square (though not up to Sally's standards, of course.)

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