Monday, October 20, 2008

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Hop

We stayed first at Planet Hollywood, which used to be The Aladdin, which was where Elvis married Priscilla so long ago. PH has a lovely wedding chapel, with attractive pricing, but nothing that can compare with the wedding chapels at The Venetian (where we stayed during Larry's conference.)

The Venetian chapels (there were three) were very nice. All three looked out over the 10th floor Venetia garden/pool area. The Venetian believed in decorating with live orchids (including the bathroom in our room) but they really outdid themselves in the chapels.

Here is the area behind the chapels. It's all done up in granite, marble and orchids.

Lots and lots of orchids! All very real, all very lovely.

At the Venetian, you also had the option of using the Wedding Gondola, which was this beautiful white gondola. I never saw it in operation during our stay, though it was one of the less expensive wedding package options. I somehow can't see Mom and Al cruising down the Venetian canals being serenaded by their singing gondolier, but Mom would fit right in amongst all the orchids upstairs!

The Venetian was just spectacular on all levels. Here is the lobby, which IMHO gives the Cistene Chapel a run for its money. It was just delux all the way through. I was very, very impressed!

Words fail me. And this was only the main lobby. As I said before, the Venezia Tower had it's own lobby on the tenth floor, which was smaller, but just as opulent.

Here is the lobby of the Venezia. You have to take the elevator from the main Venetian lobby up to the tenth floor, then there's the Venezia lobby. I had never heard of a lobby being on the tenth floor before.

Here is a detail of the Venezia lobby ceiling. Totally amazing. I think Mom and Al should have their wedding here!

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