Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas Siggies Completed and Mailed

October 1st seemed so far away back in May when I signed up for the Christmas Siggy Swap and it was so close in September when we got back from Las Vegas. I didn't work on anything else for at least two weeks because I had all 160 siggies left to make! I used two different kinds of Laurel Burch fabric, red with stars and turquoise with pretty Christmas stockings on it.

The red fabric wasn't this bright of a red in reality; it shaded more towards maroon. I used both unbleached and bleached muslin for the centers. I think I made 100 of the reds and 65 of the turquoise. I managed to get about 90 of them embellished with beads as shown, which really made them look like Christmas! (And yes, I know that adds up to 165 siggies. At the last minute Judi (the swapper queen) asked us to make 5 more if we could, to donate to people who couldn't make their own siggies due to sad circumstances in their lives. What's 5 more when you're already at 160, so 165 it was.)

I made myself an alignment template for stitching up the blocks. It was so easy to use that Larry started lining them up for me to sew. That was a huge help! Thanks DH, it would have taken lots more time without you! I really liked how the turquoise ones came out. I wish I could have embellished them all, but I ran out of both beads and time. I'm really looking forward to getting back all the swapped siggies - should be any day now.


Anonymous said...

it must have been a crazy thing to do but they look so nice

marjan said...

sorry i don't like to give a reaction without name. My name is Marjan

martha said...

I got one of the red ones-very nice)