Friday, October 3, 2008

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Search and Quilt Shop Hop - Day 2

I found out on Saturday that Fabric Boutique was open on Sunday, so we decided to go there then. Fabric Boutique is a big beautiful shop, with lots and lots of bolts of fabric. The store is very attractive, with nice high ceilings. They have lots of beautiful things on display that I had never seen before. One of the most interesting things about shop hops is how unique each store is. Sure, some of the stores may share, say, a civil war flavor or a Laurel Burch sophistication, but the products each store carries are overwhelmingly unique. I think this speaks very well of the creativity and individuality of quilters as a whole.

I've been seeing the fabulous bags that people have been blogging about for a long time now, and today I finally succumbed to the temptation. I bought two different bag patterns at Fabric Boutique - they had a very large selection. One of the patterns is for a medium-sized tote bag; I bought the coordinated stack of gold batik fat quarters to use for it, well, part of it at least! I'm still looking for a coordinating darker batik for the straps. After all, I have two more stores in this hop!

I found the Laurel Burch Christmas fabric that I wanted to use on my Christmas siggies for the swap (due October 1st!) I bought these additional fat quarters of it; I decided not to buy additional yardage, because I still like the secondary fabric I chose at my LQS. I also bought this beautiful jewel toned fabric. It has a definite stripe to it. I've been planning to make a small quilt using a striped fabric and alternating the direction of the stripe to make a basket-weave pattern. I saw one of these basket-weave quilts in Albuquerque and have been looking for an appropriate striped fabric ever since with no luck. I saw this fabric today and just fell in love with it. Unfortunately, lots of other people fell in love with it before me and there wasn't much left. I may have to improvise. Here are my Fabrique Boutique fabric purchases.

I'm not surprised Larry gravitated to this dragon quilt wall hanging. We fell in love playing D&D in college, so this well-crafted lizzard was sure to catch his eye. (Though if he keeps taking pictures of me from the BACK he's going to see the dragon lady in me!)

Here's another one that caught my blackjack-loving husband's eye. I wonder if he noticed the name of the pattern was called "Card Trick" or if he just gravitated to the Las Vegas sign fabric, which, I think, is available at nearly every quilt store in Vegas.

I identified another one of Larry's hidden talents. He is an exceptional fabric folder! Fabric Boutique has a large scrap bin with a box of sandwich baggies next to it. All the fabric you can stuff in the bag and close it without it splitting costs $3.00. I selected the scraps and Larry neatly folded them into the bag. I was going after brights and I think I found all that were in the bin. Larry got an amazing amount of fabric into that tiny bag. It is completely stuffed and weighs about a half pound. I was very impressed with his technique!

Wedding Chapel Hop - Stop 1 - The Little Church of the West

On our way into Vegas yesterday, we noticed a quaint little stand-alone chapel on the Strip, very close to the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. We went back there today and looked around. This chapel has been around since the 40's and has a somewhat western theme. It was very cute and would be a very economical choice. Their packages started at less than $500.

The interior was very dark after the bright Vegas sunshine. Now if Mom and Al fancied a victorian wedding (and nothing could be less likely) this would be just the place!

There's no arguing that it's conveniently located near the airport, with the best parking on the strip, but somehow, I think I had better keep looking...

 a minute. All this shopping and hopping is tiring!

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