Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blanketeers Raise over $200 for Alzheimer's Research!!!

Remember these six little beauties?  The Blanketeers donated these mini quilts to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative earlier this year, and five of them sold for over $200!  That's right, $207.43 was raised for Alzheimer's research, in the hopes of finding a cure for that horrible disease, which has devastated so many of our families.

The only remaining available quilt is Waltz of the Flowers (lower right) which can be purchased for $7.50 from AAQI.  Sadly the AAQI program is ending on 12/31/13, so act quickly if you want to make a donation to Alzheimer's research, and own this lovely hand-appliqued wall hanging.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crocheted Baby Layette Completed

I started crocheting with Grandma Vivian this past year, and this baby jacket was the first thing I completed.  Grandma helped me get started and showed me a few tricks, since she has made this pattern dozens of times.

I used one of her vintage patterns from 1950.  The jacket was supposed to have long sleeves.  I was short on yarn and wanted to save some to accent the bonnet and booties, so I shortened the sleeves.  I actually like the shorter sleeves better than the long "angel" sleeves called for by the pattern. I think they look more modern. :)

The pattern only specified one size, but the "poke" bonnet and the booties seem like they're intended for a much larger baby than the jacket.  I loved the jacket pattern, but I think I'll select a different pattern for the rest.

I finished the bonnet and booties while we were in Green Bay for Thanksgiving.  My sister held a baby shower at her home for her niece, Nellie.  I've known Nellie forever, so I had my present all ready.  Nellie was thrilled by the gift.  She safely delivered a beautiful baby boy just last week, so it's all good!  

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas with Grandma 2013

We just got back from spending Christmas with Larry's Grandma in Shreveport.  Vivian is still doing very well at 102.  Santa brought her favorite "White Shoulders" cologne for Christmas.  Her mother, Dollie Henderson, made the Santa doll for Larry's Mom in the 1950s.  Santa is still in excellent shape too for being 60+ years old.
Larry & I had decorated the tree earlier, and Grandma enjoyed pointing out all the ornaments she had made over the years.  Here is some of her tatting; she still likes to tat.
I asked her for a tatted ornament of my own. (She wanted me to take one off the tree lol.)  Her tatting is still very fine, but it is getting more challenging for her to do.
She really enjoys doing bead work too, though she prefers hobbies she can do from her recliner these days.  :)
The three of us enjoyed a very nice quiet Christmas; her friends Edie & Tom dropped by for a visit after the smooching was over.  Tom is excited to be retiring tomorrow.  Edie was so excited she forgot her purse when they left.  I called her on her cell and her purse rang.  Whoops!  Fortunately she remembered right away and came back to get it.
Larry was complaining on the ride home that his glasses were covered in fingerprints.  Um, Larry, I think I know how that happened.  My two favorite Christmas clowns.  :O