Monday, May 13, 2013

Wheelchair Bag for Grandma Vivian

Grandma Vivian just loves her new wheelchair bag.  
She made the needlework squares in plastic canvas a long time ago.
All 24 of them!
The back and front are identical, as are the sides.

I found the squares last fall when I organized her craft stuff.
I showed Larry how to sew them together,
then I whipped the top edge, and put in the lining.
Larry sewed on the handles,
which we put on the ends instead of at the middle.

The bag works really well on the wheelchair.
It even accordions at the seams when the chair is transported.
Grandma was VERY pleased.

Grandma was honored at her church on Sunday for being the oldest Mother present.
At age 101 she had them all beat by a mile. 
They presented the altar flowers to her as a gift.
It was a beautiful bouquet, almost 3 feet across.
It poked me in the arm as we shared the backseat of the car.
Grandma said she had a really wonderful Mother's Day.
And I hope you all did too!