Wednesday, June 25, 2008

International Siggy Swap - Puck Booij

I just love soft squishy mail! This beautiful siggy arrived today by post, totally out of the blue. Isn't it cute? It looks like it was completely drawn by hand, rather than stamped. Puck wrote to tell me that she has 994 siggies in her collection! (995 when mine arrives in Holland next week.) That's unbelievable; what a quilt that will make someday! Even more amazing, she wrote how she just got back from 4 weeks vacation. Four weeks! Can you imagine? Those Europeans really know how to go on holiday. I just took 10 days off and thought that was long. I'd be afraid they would hire someone else if I were gone 4 weeks. (Heck, a month away and I'd probably forget where I worked!)
I had never heard of Andelst before so I looked it up. If I am reading google maps correctly it appears to be about 80 kilometers due east of Rotterdam, and about the same distance southeast of Amsterdam - the three cities sort of make up a triangle on the map, with Amsterdam at the top.

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