Friday, June 27, 2008

I Guess She Was Surprised After All!

My good friend, Virginia, has definitely been my most faithful and encouraging blog reader. I was sure she would recognize herself described as the person I mentioned "with a birthday recently" who was "not my sister, Cindi" and who "likes southwestern themes even better than I do". She says it never even occurred to her that it was she, and that she really likes the fabric I got for her!
Her sweet old dog, Pepe, was much less impressed. ( I think he was just too hot to appreciate much of anything. It's hard being a big black fluffy dog in the Texas summer.) Virginia said she just loved the quilts at Southwestern Decoratives (Albuquerque Shop Hop #3) and I told her that I was sure they would have a website. I was right, and it's a very nice website too. I would have to check the pictures I took to be sure, but I think most of the shop's wall hangings are from either their block of the month collection:, or their applique collection: At least, they look very similar to me. I wonder if Virginia will get inspired to try one. Now that would be something to blog about!

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Anonymous said...

Not reallly sure I will ever get the initiative to try one.... at least not until I retire. I truly love the fabric you bought me for my birthday. Thanks again so much.