Monday, June 16, 2008

The Albuquerque Quilt Shop Hop - Part 1

The ladies of the Dear Jane list supplied me with three shops to visit in Albuquerque; do they ever know their LQS's! The first shop we visited, Quilt Works was really hopping. I got there just as a class got out and it was filled to the brim with loads of people and wonderful fabrics.

I couldn't wait to get inside!

The selection was just overwhelming, especially since I had such a short time to shop.

I had to call Larry back from the "Man Store" two doors down to help me down-select my fabric choices.

He was a huge help to me!

This was a very lively, pretty shop, with a very impressive selection of fabrics; I've never seen so much Laurel Burch in one place! I ended up getting some really fun flamingo fabric, some lovely half price fabric for quilt backs, some flying eagles fabric for the back of my proposed Thunderbird's, a perfect piecing video and some lovely southwestern fabric for someone who had a birthday recently (don't worry, Cindi, I don't mean you!)

Here's my hero doing the whole "payment thing".

Here are some of the gorgeous quilts they had on display!

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