Saturday, April 11, 2015

Singer Restoration Saturday - Model 127 #2

As Susan mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been working on refurbishing a second Model 127, this time with a white pearl paint job.  It really is beginning to look pretty!

Model 127 #2
Of course, it started out looking very sad -- rusted and missing parts.
Only one slide plate
No back cover plate
And full of lint
Also, it was so thoroughly stuck that I had to soak it in kerosene for a couple of weeks before I could get the main shaft to turn.  But once I got the insides freed up, I started working on the paint job.

Stripped to the bare metal
You can see in the picture below the result of one of my lessons learned from the first restoration I did.  I painted the bed slots where the slide and foot plates go, not realizing that they would no longer fit with paint in the grooves where they go in.   And in digging the paint out of those grooves, I damaged the paint on the bed nearby.  Below you can see the cardboard shield I constructed to keep the paint out of these areas.
Primed for beautification
And next the base coat.  We weren't entirely sure about this color by itself.  It seemed awfully....white.
Base coat white
But when I added the pearl mid-coat, it really added a beautiful golden sheen to the white.
Pearl mid-coat on arm

Pearl mid-coat on bed.

Next step will be to stencil in the details, and protect it all with clearcoat.  


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