Saturday, April 4, 2015

Singer Restoration Saturday - Wiring

One of the parts of motorized vintage sewing machines that seems to suffer most is the wiring. The insulation is usually dry and crackled, and often the wires have been cut through.  
Foot controller, plug for electric socket, plug for machine.  And a mess of old wires

In this case, I recommend taking it all out and replacing it with modern wiring.  Be careful to note which wire goes to which connection.

You will need two pieces of wire: one about six feet long that runs from the wall plug to the sewing machine plug, and another about four feet long that runs from the foot controller to the sewing machine plug.  Cut the wires near the wall plug, open up the plug, and replace them with the new wire.

Turn over the foot controller case and remove the screws in each of the four feet underneath. Turn it upright and disconnect the two wires there. Replace them with the new wire.
Foot controller underside

Foot Controller disassembled
 Remove the two screws in the sewing machine plug. 

 Lift the three connectors from their slots. Again remembering which wire goes where, cut the wires and pull the old wire out of the plug, and remove the old wires from the connectors.
Sewing machine plug - connectors and old wires
String the ends of the new wires into the plug, and connect them to the connectors. You do remember which wire goes where, don't you?
Sewing Machine plug - connectors and new wires

At this point, you need to put the connectors back in their slots and screw the sewing machine plug back together.  This is a very tight fit, and you may need to adjust the wire-to-connector attachment in order to get it to come together properly.  But, once done, you can plug in your sewing machine, step on the foot controller, and you are in business again!



swooze said...

Great tutorial!

Jo in TAS said...

So does your machine purr nicely now ?

Lawrence Taylor said...

Like a happy kitten, Jo!