Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Sewing Machine Spool Doily

This is a little project I made up in an attempt to create more vintage-style accents for the refurbished sewing machines I have been working on.
Tatting Project #5 - Spool Doily
This little doily fits over the spool pin of the sewing machine, and gives the spool of thread something to rest on. Or, if there is no spool, it provides a quaint little decoration for the top of the machine.

I basically started this with the beginning of a snowflake pattern, making sure that the central hole was the right size to fit snugly on the spool pin. Then it was just a question of making enough rings around the first one, until it was big enough to peek out from under a spool of thread.


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Jo in TAS said...

Looks very pretty