Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend with Grandma in Blooming Shreveport

I did not get much quilting done over the weekend, we visited with Grandma in Shreveport instead.  She was a little gloomy when we arrived.  They had put up a construction wall that covered up the windows she loved near the dining room in her assisted living facility.  Bless her heart, she thought it was going to be permanent. We got the full story and set her straight.  It is just a two month project to enlarge the activity room.  Oh happy day!  lol

To make up for the ugly construction wall, we showed Grandma pictures of the azaleas blooming at the old house.

We managed to visit while they are near their peak, and they are pretty spectacular.

It was such a mild day that we took Grandma for a short spin outside, and sat for a spell in the gazebo.  She lives in a lovely, park-like setting, with manicured gardens and a beautiful small lake, but Grandma rarely wants to go outside.  She is more of an indoor girl.

What a kidder.  Doesn't she look terrific for 103?  We should all be so fortunate.

We had a very nice visit!

Happy quilting!


Hilachas said...

What a blessing to still have your grandmother at 103. Blessings on all of you.

swooze said...

They look so sweet together :).