Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pink & Green Quilted Christmas Tree Ornaments

I'm working tiny today. I just got my secret pal gifty posted, as well as my last owed siggy, so I decided to get to work on some pink & green quilted Christmas tree ornaments that I designed in EQ6. My Sister's SIL, Vickie, decorates for Christmas in a BIG BIG way. Last year she had 9 trees decorated, each in a different theme. My DH and I have been invited to parties at Vickie's home in Green Bay the past two years (or maybe we just crashed them because we were in town) anyway, we were made very welcome by sis's inlaws, so I wanted to make Vickie a thank-you gift I know she will appreciate.

When I saw Vickie's pink & green Christmas last year I immediately thought of the pink & green quilt I had been working on, since it matched the tree perfectly. I have some fabric leftover, so I came up with these: (I wish they would lay flat for the camera, since they came out so nice and square.)

I'm going to add green 1/4" sashes and tiny little pink cornerstones. I strip paper-pieced the first seam to get these blocks really accurate, then cut them to the right length and sewed the blocks together. I plan to add the green horizontal sashes so I'll have two vertical strips of little blocks. I'm going to use large green chunks of fabric for the horizontal sashes, then cut them to fit. No sewing with 1/4" strips of fabric for me! I then plan to strip paper-piece the vertical sashes and cornerstones together first so they'll be super accurate. I don't want to work with tiny little pieces here either, so I'm not going to cut the paper-pieced strips apart until they are sewn onto the blocks. It sounds harder than I think it's actually going to be... I hope!

My second Christmas ornament is going to be a simple 3" square pink & green friendship star made with Thangles. I've made lots of friendship stars this size before, so they're not a big deal for me, not like the little quilt. I may even make two and reverse the colors.

Finally, I plan to embellish them with the pink & green beads I bought 9 months ago, when I first thought of making these ornaments.

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