Monday, February 1, 2010

English Garden Sampler Cross Stitch Project

Last year, at the beginning of the One Project a Month Challenge, I decided that 2009 was the year I would finish Teresa Wentzler's English Garden Sampler. It was already about 2/3's complete, so I broke the remaining task into 12 "do-able" chunks, wrote them neatly on a piece of paper, and never ever touched it again. Ever. Not even once.

Now, a normal person would be disheartened by this. Not me! I declared 2010 the year I would finish TW's EGS. By golly, I would make another list, because that part was a really good idea!!! Then guess what happened? I found last year's list; and it was still perfectly good. It's a sign (I know, me and my "signs" lol) so I decided to share it with you.
  1. Jan - Everything straight across to bottom of topiaries, except (peacock) head
  2. Feb - Whitework
  3. Mar - Bird head and body and left side (border) down to bottom of whitework
  4. Apr - Fonts and right side (border) down to bottom of whitework
  5. May - Tail (peacock) and tops of pillars
  6. Jun - Gate and left side (border) to bottom of bird
  7. Jul - Upper shrubs
  8. Aug - Grasses and right side (border) to bottom of bird
  9. Sep - Numbers and sides (borders) to circles in corners
  10. Oct - Bottom (border)
  11. Nov - Pulled work
  12. Dec - Beading
Yep, that would get 'er done, as they say in Texas. I just have to hop to it! I have this perfectly comfortable place to stitch:
All I need is continued motivation and a little accountability. So every month I'm going to post an update here to let you know how I'm doing. Please remind/harass me if I "forget". ;) Last night I sat down and stitched for several hours, but I still didn't finish January's goal. I'm going to try to catch up in February. I'll keep you posted.


Cicero Sings said...

Oh my, all that fine work. It looks lovely. I don't have the patience for that kind of thing at all. No sewing this fall at all. Maybe now???? I've no list made for the New Year.

Thank you for your comments. I asked D about the Spray Lakes area as I had no idea of that area ... he said he mountain biked in that area years ago and that is was lovely, very, very scenic. Maybe one day soon we'll drive that way and I can take a look too.

Terry said...

Oh Susan, Beautiful Sampler!!!
Would love to see it finished :)
I don't have the patience for something so time consuming, but I do truly admire that kind of hand work. Git'er done!!!! LOL

Jo in TAS said...

I believe in signs too! Happy stitching!!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

OK get at 'er Ma'am!!! No more sitting around...just do it ROFLOL! I have an embroidery project like that too! But, meanwhile, I've started knitting my sock monkey, crocheting curtains for my front window and started countless other projects LOL....I have broken my projects down into daily things...ONE row on my filet crocheted curtain per day!! That's definitely doable. I have missed a few days here and there, but have caught up. I have lots of cross stitch projects too, but I can't see it anymore, so I'll have to give those away someday :-). Hang in there! I'll keep an eye on ya!! Maybe I should blog my progress and you guys can all hound me too!

Hugs, Jacqui in Canada

Sue-Anne said...

Ha Ha! Love your story! Well you have announced it to the world now so you will have to stick to that list. Looking forward to watching your progress.

rockgranny said...

Would you believe or not, I made I siggie with "S" for you yesterday(
not knowing about your comment on Terry's) so in about two weeks you'll have it.

Shirley said...

Hello Susan,
I am thrilled that you have taken time from your amazing list to take a peak at what I am doing. I have many hidden projects too that one day will make the list and be finished. That is one serious project to undertake. Keep at it as I want to see it FINISHED.
Love Shirl.x

Nanci said...

I like "hand work" but this would be just too much for me I think. I do have a book on embroidery stitches....oh yeah it came with the sewing machine...I think my stitches are always so big, not fine work like yours.
Your ironing board cover was a good tute, I must recover mine also, as I keep making the tear bigger and bigger each time I iron.

Samantha Stewart said...

It is now 2016. I have the same sampler, and have done about 1/3 about 10 years ago and now it sits glaring at me balefully. did you ever get it finished?

Samantha Stewart