Saturday, February 27, 2010

International Siggy Swap - Annelies Hofstede and Illene Tiziani

I got two more lovely siggies this week. The first is from Annelies Hofstede in Holland. I am so impressed with the workmanship of these siggies. All that blanket stitch applique, and so well done too! (All I do is stamp and sign mine; I may have to upgrade.) Annelies is the mother of 3, and proud grandmother of 4. She quilts a great deal and loves butterflies and tulips.

This lovely siggy is from Illene Tiziani in Fish Creek ,Victoria, Australia. Fish Creek is about 100 miles southeast of Melbourne, almost on the coast straight across from Tasmania, where so many of my favorite bloggers reside. I love this tropical fabric. It's very warming to me here in the middle of the worst Texas winter I can remember in 25 years! (Whatever happened to 72F and sunny?) And yes, Illene, though it is probably perfectly clear to you by now that you guessed correctly; I am that Susan in Texas. 8)


retdairyqueen said...

Lovely to meet you Susan
I see you have done some research on where you will find Fish Creek

Annelies said...

Dear Susan,

I'am happy that you like my siggy.
You have a very nice site and I link your site also to my weblog.
My site isn't in Englisch because
my Englisch is not so good.
I look out to your Siggy.
Warm regards, Annelies.

Sue-Anne said...

I have been to Fish Creek. It's on the way to one of our most beautiful coastal national parks, Wilson's Promontory. Love the little map of Australia in the middle!