Wednesday, February 3, 2010

International Siggy Swap - Nell Benton

I got this "international" siggy from Nell Benton in Manassas, Virgina. Manassas was the site of two very signifant battles in the Civil War, the first and second Battles of Bull Run, both of which were major defeats for the Union Army. Interestingly, Nell has chosen one of her favorite presidents (and mine), Abraham Lincoln, to decorate her siggy. Now Manassas 1 & 2 must have been one long nightmare for President Lincoln, but thankfully, he persevered through the early dark days of the war and preserved the Union for us in the end. I think her two-colored stamp is lovely, and her use of Civil War reproduction fabric inspired. Thanks, Nell!


Terry said...

Very nice siggy :) And don't you just love the history and/or reasoning for the designs on some the siggies?
I really love getting to know the sender through their notes/letters. I was thinking of leaving the International list, but since I have gotten more active again...I think I will NEED to stay on a little bit longer (LOL)

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!
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Pablo from Argentina

Rae Ann said...

What a fun swap. The block is great!

Sue-Anne said...

Putting all those blocks together will make a very interesting quilt. Love the history that goes with this one.

clare's craftroom said...

That's so clever ! Nell has done a beautiful job .