Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dear Jane B-8 Water Lily - More Progress

This was a fun block to do, and I am really loving my brown batiks.  They look so mysterious.  I paper-pieced the center, then machine sewed two of the inset seams, then hand-sewed the final two.  I honestly do not remember why I did it that way, it must have been easier (and this was only last week - sigh.)  I then appliqued the four little melons.

I did my usual prepared applique, though this time I started with freezer paper to complete the ironing process.  I basted down the edges of the melons, then basted the melons in place.  I really worked to fussy cut all the pieces; I tried to keep the batik design flowing. 

I went to the trouble of creating a template for applique placement, instead of just eyeballing it.  I could not cut out too much paper or the template would have fallen apart.

It all fit together very nicely, and I thought I had placed the melons very carefully with the template before I basted them to the muslin.  I should have checked the placement before I started sewing though.  I also should have started sewing each melon at a point near the center star.  Sadly, I did not follow my own advice (or maybe it is only advice in hindsight; I am not sure), because one of my melons is way off kilter.  How the heck did that happen anyway?  They sure all look fine here.

Once again, it is finished, and finished is better than perfect.  If I still think it needs "fixing" when I have completed all the blocks, I will fix it then.  Somehow, I do not believe that will ever happen in a million years!

Happy quilting.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the fabrics you picked and your method for placing them....great idea.