Friday, March 13, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion - Clue 3 In Progress

It is interesting to go from the intricate and persnickety Dear Jane blocks to the brute force, grunt sewing that is Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion.  Clue 3 requires none of the finesse of Clue 2, in fact, it reminds me of a jelly roll race at the moment.  I have a nice selection of random greens, but my blacks and neutrals (OK, whites) have less variety, especially the blacks.  

You can see the one black batik I bought in Green Bay peeking out from underneath the strip pile.  It would have been terrific as a leader and ender, only it was not wide enough.  Speaking of leaders and enders, this is not the project that will increase them.  I must have sewed for a mile and only used two!  One of them is there in the corner.  In fact, I remember that fabric well.  My friend, Sheila, and I were with the rest of the Blanketeers at a country quilt store that going out of business sale.  Happy times!  We both fell in love with the wildly colorful fabric and each bought a yard.  Of course, Sheila immediately made a quilt out of hers, and years later, I am still trying to finish the quilting on mine.

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