Thursday, March 26, 2015

Marcella - My very first Treadle

Look what followed me home from Green Bay at Christmas!  It is my very first treadle - a Singer model 66 from 1905 in its original case.  It was well cared during its 110 years, and works just fine now that Larry has replaced the belt.  All I had to do was dust it and clean out the drawers.

This wonderful gift is from my sister's mother-in-law, Ida Mae, and is named after Ida Mae's mother, Marcella.  You may remember Marcella, she is the great grandmother holding my niece in the picture for which Larry tatted a new frame.  Larry's first tatted commission made a terrific thank you gift for Ida Mae.

Isn't the face plate a beauty?  The motif matches the decals.  Ida lives next door to my sister, Cindi, and her husband, Dave, so we always visit with her whenever we are in town.  I have known Ida Mae for nearly forty years - Dave used to bike over to our house.  Cindi and Dave moved into his grandmother's house a few years ago and this came with the property.

Now Cindi is about as likely to ever treadle as she is to go scuba-diving under ice, so it was really just taking up space.  We dug it out of their closet last fall when we flew up for a family reunion.  They offered it to us (with Ida's permission) and Larry and Dave took it completely apart at Christmas, then we drove it back to Texas.

The decals on the machine are in great shape but the bed shows lots of wear, so I can assume Marcella was a keen seamstress in her day.  I do not know for certain, but I do not believe she was a quilter.  I will have to ask Ida. We have no plans to refinish the head; it is in too good of shape and holds too many memories.  The quartersawn oak veneer is another story; it has a few issues.  Someday I hope to strip it and bring it back to its former glory.

It is really precious to me.  I have fond memories of Dave's Grandma Marcella from the very early 80s, and Ida Mae is a very special lady.  I am so glad we get to welcome Marcella the treadle into our home.


suemac said...

What a beautiful machine. My grandmother had a treade. I remember sewing with her when I was younger.

Terry said...

Awesome machine and wonderful story shared. Memories are precious.