Saturday, March 15, 2008

My second Dear Jane Block - Paddle Wheels

I met the BOW challenge so I'm now officially Susan-Jane 2,0,0,33. This is block E-3 called Paddle Wheels. I really like how it turned out, (though my corners could have been more accurate). I didn't realize the blue fabric I picked would look so much like water; it's just a happy accident. One problem I encountered (though I decided not to worry about it) is that by following the Dear Jane software foundation pattern exactly, my inner paddle wheel colors are off. That is, on the inside square the blue should be where the orange is and vice versa. The paper pieces show how the block is supposed to look, but then the block is sewn to the back of the paper and the, well my DH called it "handedness", is then off. I checked, other directional blocks like A-1 would come out wrong too. It's just something to keep in mind for next time. I don't really care that my paddle is a bit fast or slow and is going clockwise instead of counterclockwise. People who are trying to make exact replicas of Jane's quilt are going to be pulling out their hair, though!


Anonymous said...

Hi, honey. Your block looks lovely!!!

Love, Larry

Elly D said...

Your block turned out beautiful Susan. I didn't even notice it was going the wrong way until you mentioned it.. lol. I love your bright colour choice.

Nancy-Rose said...

Lovely! I really like the brights you are using.


Jacqui's Quilts said...


Love your DJ blocks...that block in those bright colours sure looks different from my buttons one! Amazing what colour does to it.

Love those blue flower on the top of your blog...they're so pretty! I'm still looking at snow out of my window! Can't wait for spring.

Jacqui in Canada

Wendy said...

When you use the DJ program always use mirror image when doing the patterns and then they will come out correctly......I did the same thing when I first started mine...Your blocks are amazes me that she did this quilt with nothing but her hands and a pair of scissors and needle and thread of course.......This is the most challenging quilt I have ever worked on......and it is going to take a while to may want to go to the twiddle tails store blog.....Anina has really great instructions on putting these little blocks together.....