Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dear Jane Block of the Week Challenge Complete - Jason's Jacks

Well, I'm not happy with my first efforts at reverse applique, but at least it's done. And let's all say together, "Finished is better than perfect!" And I'm now Susan-Jane 4,0,0,46 There are a number of things I will do differently next time (like take an applique class?) I would starch the green fabric for starters; also, I would use better thread. I'm using Madeira machine embroidery thread because it matched and I didn't get the chance to go to a fabric store. Sigh. I would also use a better, finer, non-chalky (read disappearing) marking pen and invest in some (Fray Check that isn't 15+ years old. I guess I was afraid that Fray Check would leave a dark mark on the green - has anyone had that problem?) I think I also need to review when and how to make the little cuts - they gave me lots of trouble. I love the look of applique and reverse too, of course; I just have to keep working at improving my technique and actually using the tips that I've been given instead of trying to "go it my own way" - that trick never works! In fact, "my way" managed to briefly sew my finger to the back of the block, no blood, but definitely stuck. Interesting.

Actually, all my problems are soon to be over. Yesterday I got my fingertip measured and finally ordered my Roxanne thimble. After I get the perfect thimble (Roxanne's, of course) all my silly applique problems will just disappear and I'll be able to hand quilt like the Amish. I have my eyes closed, my fingers crossed and I tapped my heels together three times so it MUST be true!

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