Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinosaur Panel Quilt

And then there's the dinosaur panel quilt that I bought as a kit in Austin on the shop hop last year. I was very taken by the vibrant colors and thought it might be fun to work with flannel for a change.
It wasn't until I opened up the kit that I realized it was meant to be a wall hanging rather than a quilt. It was way too long and narrow to be a quilt! I got around this by making the outer two borders wider on the sides and narrower on the top and bottom. A few inches each way was all it took.
Aren't these fellows cute? I really love the vibrant colors. Since it was flannel, I decided not to pre-wash. Flannel wears out so quickly as it is. I'll wash it before it gets donated though, probably in ice water with multiple color catchers. lol
I haven't decided if I'm going to stipple it or try to outline it. If I do decide to do outline quilting, it definitely won't be with clear thread again. That was such a pain to work with!


Barb said...

Oh....that is just soooooooooooo adorable...and fun!

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Susan... WOW... That is a beautiful quilt for a child... Just love the pattern and the colors...That a great way to make it wider... :)

lheurebleue said...

dear susan, thanks for visiting my blog. i did the emboridery myself. you can find the pattern of the Gtand Marquoir for free online. You can find the url in my blog message.
What a colorful fabric you bought!

Solstitches said...

How cute! That quilt is going to make some little person so happy.

Knot Garden said...

Lovely bright colours, and such fun!

Anonymous said...

do you know the company that makes the panel???