Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quilt of Valor Top Complete.... Finally!

The Quilt of Valor top that the Blanketeers have been working on for more than a year is finally complete; meaning I FINALLY finished putting it together. Two weeks ago it looked like this:

With most of the quilt just in strips and with paper still on the one block that is standing up.

Now it is all together, borders and everything. I think it looks terrific! Thanks to all the women who made it possible. I don't think I've ever worked on anything so large; it ended up being 68" x 68".
Sheila (bless her heart!) agreed to iron it. I ironed it just enough to put it together, but it really needs a complete pressing before we send it off to a Quilt of Valor quilter, whom I still have to locate.
I also have to find some backing fabric, 4.25 yards of it, to be exact. We looked all over the Trinity Valley Quilt show for some yesterday, but no luck. The show was terrific, but I was told there were about 20 fewer vendors there than usual, and the variety of reds and patriotic fabrics was limited - so the hunt continues!


Barb said...

Just amazing....what fantastic job.

Sue-Anne said...

It looks fantastic Susan. You and your friends have done a wonderful job.

Jo in TAS said...

It looks fabulous!!

Alycia said...

That is a really pretty quilt! A soldier will be honored to recieve it!

Micki said...

What a beautiful quilt!

LuAnn said...

Your quilt is striking! Great charity. You will make someone very happy to be the proud owner.

Terry said...

Oh Susan the quilt is beautiful!
Everyone did a fantastic job. This will make someone very happy to receive.
Blessings to you and all the Blanketeers.