Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brenda's Lecture at the Bear Creek Quilt Show

I finally got the pictures of Brenda's lecture at the Bear Creek Quilt Show in Fort Worth last month downloaded from my phone. (I had to buy a special card to download them.) This is where the whole Dear Jane adventure really began for me. I already had the software and the dream, but I didn't get inspired to actually start my first DJ block until I listened to Brenda. The quilts she showed us that day were awesome. Here she is with a beauty!

I also really liked the quilt made out of DJ triangles - I never would have thought of that!

Here are two more pictures, one of another lovely Dear Jane (or is it a Dear Hannah? Maybe someone could leave me a comment so I can say for sure.) and one, I think, of an antique quilt. (I'm sorry my pictures are fuzzy; my phone isn't the best camera.)
As you can tell, it was a really wonderful lecture and show! There was also a beautiful siggy quilt there that day that I really wish I had taken a picture of. It's the main reason I decided to join this year's siggie swap.


Anonymous said...

The antique quilt is going to be Brenda's next book, it's called "Oh Susanna"
The last quilt is Dear Hannah, named for Brenda's Granddaughter Hannah. This was Brenda's second book.

martha said...

The triangle quilt is made by Tilde Binger for Brenda, from the triangles of the Dear Jane book. She has done a second one for her DD. She is on the DJ list.