Tuesday, March 2, 2010

International Siggy Swap - Three in One

I got these three lovely siggies in one envelope from Germany this weekend. Sylvia von Kannen from Monchengladbach, calls herself Fliederhexe, the lilac witch. 8) I love the intricate machine embroidery she has on her siggy. It's pretty spectacular! Anne Kawper and her husband keep some animals on their hobby farm in Korschenbroich, Germany. Her favorite are the goats, which she has embroidered on her siggy for me. It has a tiny little bead for its eye. I can't remember the last time I got a simple stamped siggy like mine; I'm beginning to feel like a slacker.
And Anja Ubber, from Neuss, Germany, has embroidered lovely delicate flowers with beaded centers to make this simple but stunning siggy. Ladies, I am so impressed with your work.

Naturally I had to look up where these ladies are located since I had never heard of Neuss, Korschenbroich or Monchengladbach (I don't know how to put the umlaut on the 'o' either, sorry). I figured they would be fairly close together since the ladies were sharing a post, and I was right. All three towns are in a line due west from Dusseldorf, with Neuss being practically a western suburb, and Monchengladbach perhaps 20 miles further west. Korschenbroich is between them. All in all a comfortable distance for stitching buddies, as long as the roads aren't too icy. 8)

I had REALLY exciting news today too. I was one of the OPAM challenge draw winners this month. ME? I never win anything. I sent my snail mail address off to Kris at TagalongTeddies just this evening. I can't wait to see what I got. My blogging buddy, Jo in Tasmania, sent me a teaser that the prize is really nice. 8)


Terry said...

WOW!!! Lucky girl 3 in 1, They are beautiful siggys. I may need to send 3 that way :)
I'm working on my Internatioanl to send siggys, will posting about them tonight or tomorrow. New design for this year :)
I'm so glad you like how "our" wall hanging turned out. Janet is right the photo does not do it justice! It was so much fun receiving the blocks and putting them together. I think it made a beautiful wall hanging, Thank you again.
Keep collecting those siggys :)

Terry said...

You are talking to the wrong person about the pictures or anything very "computery" LOL
I do good to get my posts done...and the pictures well they are just pure luck :) I still don't know why some of my pictures will enlarge and others don't!!! And I still haven't figured out how to answer a blog post via email???? Sorry :(

Barb said...

Congrats on your win....

love the siggies

Sue-Anne said...

Wow! They are really cute blocks. So much work in them. Congratulations on the win. Looking forward to seeing what your prize is.

Linda said...

What a cool idea! Is it too late to sign up for this??
Linda in Oklahoma