Friday, June 1, 2012

Dad's Birthday Party

Dad turned 86 last Saturday and we had a party for about 2 dozen people.  Naturally I made enough food for 50.  (There's a whole other table of food in the den.)
I can't take credit for the cake though.  We bought the cake and the "bundtini's" from "Nothing Bundt Cakes" here in Fort Worth.  Their cakes are the best!
My late Mother-in-law had lots of terrific serving pieces like the punch bowl and lazy Susan, which had not seen the light of day in about a decade.  It was fun to bring them out and use them again.
Here's Dad (at right) with his friend Norman.  Norman was the organist at Dad's church for years and still plays a mean rendition of "Happy Birthday" on the piano.
You can see Grandma Vivian in the purple top sitting down.  I was afraid Grandma might get tired during the party; she's 100 after all, but she paced herself, and didn't have to take me up on my offer of lying down.
Here's Larry by the piano with Yvonne and Grim.  Dad seemed to have a blast.  There's not much he likes better than parties and good food.  8)
Larry bought party hats, which made the party just that much more festive!  Sabra loved seeing Stan have so much fun.  The Waghalters brought the beautiful white flowers, which they distributed from their church after a new priest's installation.  Grandma ended up with the flowers when we left on Monday.
Sabra's daughter came to the party and got to be one of the very few people under 60 that were present.  8)  She's really nice.  She visited us very early on in the house clearing project, and seemed very impressed by our progress.
Larry and Grandma had a post-party cuddle.  They are both VERY cuddly people.  ;)  I think Grandma was a little more tired than she let on.  I know I was!
Sabra kept us entertained while we were waiting for the guests to arrive.  She wouldn't hold still so I could take a picture.
Everyone had fun, especially Stan.  We're calling it the party house now, since we've celebrated Easter, Mother's Day, and Dad's birthday there, and we plan to celebrate Father's Day there too.  It's so much better than celebrating at the independent living facilities, which we had been doing for years, when the house was beyond gross.  We've been eating tons of leftovers too; the olive-feta tapenade and tomato pesto both made excellent omelets and was yummy on toast as well.  We put the leftover cake in the freezer, and I think it will make an appearance again at Father's Day.  We refroze the second punch starter, which we decided would make excellent smoothies as well as really good punch.


Mary said...

It looks like you did have a lovely time. What a great party. It looks like you had a perfect time. Congratulations to your Dad.

Christine M said...

Happy birthday to your dad. Looks like a lovely party.

Sue-Anne said...

What a wonderful gathering. The cake looks soooo nice and I can't believe how good your grandmother looks for 100!

You have both done a wondrful job of getting Dad's house in order and I am pleased you were all able to celebrate his birthday together.

Shirley said...

Wishing your dad a very happy birthday. Looks like a lovely party.

Anonymous said...

It was a great party!