Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mom & Al's Wedding

Mom married Al up in Green Bay, Wisconsin over the Thanksgiving holiday.  My sister, Cindi, did most of the planning.  Here she is with the wedding cake.
Mom wanted a plain cake "that didn't have people on top of it and not chocolate" 
Each layer was a different flavor.  Very tasty.  And how do they get it so smooth?
We all got dolled up at Cindi & Dave's house.  Here's my niece, Kate, all ready to go.
Don't the guys clean up nicely?
From the left that's Cindi's Dave, my Larry, and our good friend, Don.
Arnie wanted to be in the picture too.
Don brought his daughter, Betsy, holding Mom's dog, Lucy.
[Little Lucy was a very good girl the whole time she spent at Cindi's house. 
Uncle Larry took her for two VERY long walks until she was completely out of ammo.]
Betsy has the most beautiful porcelain complexion I have ever seen. 
Stay out of the sun, Betsy, and always wear your sunscreen!
Finally everyone was ready and waiting at the hotel for Mom & Al to arrive. 
And arrive they did, a little late and rushed, but in plenty of time.
My nieces, Maggie & Kate, made beautiful bridesmaids.
My sister gave a lovely reading from the New Testament.
It didn't take very much time at all...
(So take a look at Mom's terrific shoes first - they rock!)
...before they were wed.
Mazel tov!
Then there was a lovely dinner, then dancing, (but those pictures are all blurry because people would not hold still, because they were, you know, dancing!)
This was a well-documented event.  Here's Mom with Kathi & Don's sister, Carol.
Here is the happy (and very tired) couple at the end of the evening.
And may I present, Mrs Alvin Cooperman.
That's all folks!


Sue-Anne said...

Hi Susan, congratulations to your mum, she looks beautiful (how did she dance in those heels!).

Christine M said...

Congratulations to your mother and Al. Thank you for sharing their special day with us.

Mary said...

That is so sweet. They look like a very happy couple. Congratulations to them.

Shirley said...

What a lovely family occasion. Congratulations to your Mum and Al and I love her heels. What a girl.

Dorthy said...

Congraulations to your mom and Al. They look very happy, and the wedding looks like it was perfect. You and your sister look so much alike! What a beautiful family.

Quilt Kitty said...

Oh Susan, what a happy occasion & boy was mum rocking those shoes! Tracee xx

Rose-Red said...

Hi Susan,

When I was entering Mary Corbet's Needle & Thread "sign-up" for coton a broder I saw your entry as Susan in Tx. As I too live in the Great State I thought I'd drop a line to you. What a surprise to see (via your blog "about me") that we are separated by only a small distance. Having moved from the Houston-Galveston area (after a 20yr hitch) to attend school at UNT, I am always on the lookout to make new friends. I too have dreamed of attending the RSN since I was a 'tween'. Your Mom's wedding pics were great and congrats to her and those heels!
Cindy (Red Rose) Denton, TX