Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Post from Phone - it Works!

It was so easy to take a picture with my new phone and post it; 
I had no idea how simple this would be.  
Why did I wait so long?  lol  
I was going to delete this test post, but I love this picture.  
It perfectly captures my beloved's good nature and goofiness.

Now I just have to make something so I have something to blog about.  8)


Rosa Robichaud said...

I absolutely LOVE blogging "on the go"!!!

Saves a lot of time and trouble!


P.S. LOVE your picture, too! Sooooo happy that you decided to share it with us! :-)

margaret said...

see how useful to have a camera on the phone and internet link up but my phone is so so basic, calls and texts oh yes it does have a radio too and that is it.

Mary said...