Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Jane, the Obsession Continues

All week I just wanted to hurry home and work on my Dear Jane, and I managed to get four blocks done.  I took Hunter's Moon to Shreveport last weekend since applique travels better than paper piecing.  I hadn't done applique in several years, so I just had to wing it.

The batik for Courtney's Stethoscope is part of my purple color-way batiks.  I had to edit out massive amounts of grey in the fabric. Enough grey remained to make this the most darkly "mysterious" block in the row so far.  I'm really enjoying the contrasting batiks in my stash.

Cathy's Campfire came next with some nice, straight-forward paper-piecing.  After fiddling to get my melons placed just so in Hunter's Moon, and fussy cutting Courtney's Stethoscope, I was ready for something simple.

I was looking forward to the super simple Uncle Homer.  For some reason unknown to man, I decided to paper-piece this ultra simple block.  I did spend lots of time getting the widely spaced batik "blobs" placed right where I wanted them, and I was very pleased with how this one turned out.

I can't believe I'm already working on the middle block in Row A. Of course, none of these first few blocks were particularly tricky. (Would anyone ever make a Dear Jane row by row if Papa's Star was the  very first block?  lol)  Still, I'm going to keep pressing forward while the obsession is hot; this quilt will need all the prioritization possible to ever get completed.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Alrighty Susan! You are making more progress than me. They are all wonderful, but I'm loving that yellow one a lot.

margaret said...

good to read you are continuing with Dear Jane and love what you have shared the batik fabrics are a wow, must get some more myself

Sue-Anne said...

They look lovely Susan and I will be enjoying watching your quilt grow.