Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week in Shreveport

Larry & I spent the week of July 4th in Shreveport.  I won't say it rained often, but when it did rain, it poured.  Surprisingly, a perfect fairy circle of mushrooms about 12 feet in diameter arose in the backyard.
It inspired Larry...
Then he rested... by the way, doesn't he have beautiful ears?

See the bamboo sunshade?  I made that out of bamboo place mats earlier this year.  Works like a charm.  And we'll never have to eat off those disgusting, dirty place matts EVER again!
We haven't gotten as much done on the house since we cleaned up the porch.  lol  It's MUCH more fun to sit out there and look out over the bayou than it is to clean out closets. 
Larry trimmed a few overhanging branches, so now we can look down to the water.  The wooden post in the middle left of the above picture is a handrail down to the water, which is about 15 feet below the grade of the patio.  We're in the middle of Shreveport, but the backyard is incredibly private.  At night the bullfrogs are deafening!
The fairy circle really was fascinating.  It kept raining periodically, with sudden intense cloudbursts, and you could practically watch the mushrooms grow.  It was actually a double fairy circle.  Larry is staring at the outer ring.
We both liked this family grouping of Mom, Dad, junior, and the twins
I told Larry that it was too bad we couldn't tell if they were poisonous, because this one looked pretty tasty.
I think the fig tree grew another foot this week too.  It has figs on it, but the birds and squirrels get up earlier than we do, so they've gotten the bounty.
Here's the same family grouping again; they grow up so fast!  lol


Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE the pictures, Susan! I can't imagine listening to (deafening) bullfrogs, at night.... probably better than the cars with souped up mufflers and motorbikes whizzing by!

Tks for the pics, Susan!


Barb said...

You live in Shreveport? My mother is about an hour from there

Enjoyed your pictures.