Monday, May 11, 2009

Susan in New York - Paula Nadelstern Quilt Exhibit

Larry and I got to New York on Saturday afternoon and have been having a blast! Yesterday, after Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, we went to the America Folk Art Museum to see the Paula Nadelstern Kaleidoscope Quilts exhibit. It was awesome! Many thanks to everybody who recommended it to me.

Paula Nadelstern's quilts are spectacular. Nearly all contain kaleidoscope images, made from beautiful combinations of cotton and silk. She sews them together so that the seams are mostly obscured. This
quilt, in memory of 9/11 was spectacular. So was this one. There was one non-kaleidoscope quilt that really took our fancy. This quilt of the Brooklyn Bridge was fabulous. I bought her book, which is amazing, as well as some of her fabric and notecards. Larry and I went so early that we had the entire exhibit to ourselves. It was great for standing back and viewing from a distance. Some of her spirals seemed to just float on air. Highly recommended!


Barb said...

That was amazing....thanks for sharing those sites.

Linda B said...

I'm speechless. What an artist. Thanks.