Friday, August 6, 2010

Another UFO to finish for someone else

The Blanketeers inherited another sack of fabric, not all cotton, but much better than the old sheets and pillowcases last time. In it was a little quilt top. Let's just say it had its issues.

For whatever reason, it got washed before its time. And in doing so, became the poster child for why 1/4" seams are the gold standard of minimum seam allowances. But after a bit of trimming...

OK, a LOT of trimming; it's little flaws were exposed and sighed over.

Well, a good pressing makes everything look better.
I've decided I'll applique decorative circles over its few little owies. I found a coordinating brown fabric with white polka-dots last weekend for the applique. It will work for the back and binding too. A nice tight stipple should strengthen its mini seams enough for lots of wear and tear. Now I just have to get it done and it will be my August finish. I hate having skipped two months!


Barb said... sure put a fresh look to it....great job!

Leanne said...

Well done you. Amazing what a little tender loving care can do.