Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dog Agility Trials in Fort Worth

Now, Larry & I don't even have a dog anymore, but we love watching dog agility trials on TV. So when we saw that they were holding trials locally, we had to check it out. I brought my camera and you can see my slide show of dogs flying through the air. I don't know any of the dogs or any of the people, but they ALL impressed me a lot! Here are some of my best shots.
The little shelties were so excited they were like coiled springs at the starting gate. They tended to make more errors of enthusiasm than mistakes. 8)

Then there were the little powder puff balls who zoomed around the course with almost as must skill as their working cousins. Impressive amounts of work had to go into making these little darlings show so well in the ring, since they were mostly bred to look beautiful.

This little guy could really jump! Look at the extension on his hind legs.
We didn't stay for the award presentation, but I'm guessing the border collies did very well. They were as enthusiastic as their sheltie brethren, but seemed a little less excitable. Congratulations to everyone who worked their dogs; my hat goes off to you! And special kudos to the Boxer Rescue League who ran all the events.
BTW Feel free to copy any of the doggie pictures.


Cicero Sings said...

Hi Susan in Texas. I see you've been busy quilting, finishing UFOs. I wasn't going to let myself get UFOs but guess what? I've got about 4 or 5! I have been so unmotivated in the sewing department! Maybe this winter.

The dog trial pictures were great! I think Mingus would like something like that but he is quite stubborn and likes to do things his way!!!! He is a fun little fellow though and very loving.

Micki said...

Hi Susan! We have dog trials here too, and we always love attending them. Loved seeing your pics!