Tuesday, February 1, 2011

English Garden Sampler Update - Snow Day Progress

There's nothing like having a snow day to get lots of stitching done. I finished the left border down to the bottom of the whitework, almost finished the left font, and made good progress on the right font. It's good to be making progress again.
I'm sick of this weather, though. I hate ice. It's not supposed to be that much better tomorrow either, so I may end up taking another vacation day to stay home. I do need to get the binding sewn onto the back of the Quilt of Valor; maybe I can work on that instead of going to work. 8)


Anonymous said...

The peacock is really coming together!


Annelies vdB said...

This is becoming such a beautiful sampler.
I am so glad we do not have snow at the moment ! Please be careful outside.

Brandie said...

That is going to be a absolutely gorgeous sampler! I love the aged look.

Sue-Anne said...

Your cross stitch is beautiful Susan. Stay safe in that ice.