Thursday, January 9, 2014

And the name of the quilt is... Oak Leaf and Acorn Variation

I got many interesting leads to help identify the pattern of Great Great Grandma Dunn's antique quilt. I gave them all serious consideration.

Many people thought the yellow in the quilt was originally green, because the green of that era is notoriously fugitive.  Apparently the Prussian blue and yellow dyes that were mixed to make the greens in the Victorian era, faded to poison greens, then yellow, as the Prussian blue fled the fabric. On the advice of my fabric savvy fashion designer niece, I peered behind seams and pushed aside threads, only to determine that there is no evidence the yellow fabric was ever anything but yellow.  Also, yellow is Grandma Vivian's favorite color, so it seems possible that yellow could have been her Grandma's favorite color as well.

I was also encouraged to consider the idea that the acorns were actually rosebuds.  It seems to me, though, that if the leaves were originally the more autumnal yellow, then the rosebuds were more likely meant to be acorns.  In all likelihood, however, the pattern probably never have had any name at all, but I'm calling it "Oak Leaf and Acorn Variation".

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and insights.


suemac said...

It is so nice to have an antique quilt made by a family member.

margaret said...

think this is a good name for it