Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to all my blogging buddies down under!

I hope y'all have a lovely day filled with fun, food, and no worries of drought, wildfires, floods, ridiculously hot weather or inland tsunamis to trouble you.


With love from Texas. 


Sue-Anne said...

Thanks Susan, All is calm for the moment in my little part of Australia but heating up again next week - yuk!

Mandy said...

Thanks for thinking of us on our special day Susan. You made mine. Ready for a truly Aussie lamb dinner.

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Gee, thanks Susan! here in Brisbane we are having some lovely cool weather with rain every now and then too! we needed it so much so it's wonderful! We had a quiet day, coffee out and then home to sew for me! I have to take advantage of this cool break before the heat returns, which it will! :-( I could hear the fireworks over in the City, so that will do me!