Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm back!

OK, I've actually been back for the past month, but I've been too busy to blog. I've got lots of pictures to post from the last Blanketeer Project Day, I've gotten 4! quilt tops completed since then, completed a cute gift for my secret pal, and have received two international siggies. Plus, on the very last afternoon of our vacation in NY, Larry and I fell in love with a humongous work of art, which had to be shipped to Texas, professionally installed, and, oh yeah, paid for, lol. The artist's website is blocked at work (because it's an uncharacterized website, not because it's smut or anything) so I'm planning to blog about that too. I'll try to get caught up this weekend.

Oh yeah, and I've apparently gotten my own secret pal fired, since I reported that I had not heard a peep from her since early March. I'm afraid she must be very ill. Sigh, I wonder what the new one will be like.

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Micki said...

Welcome back and good luck with your new pal.