Saturday, June 20, 2009

International Siggy Swap - 2 New Siggies

June has been "in the pink" for siggies. I got this lovely heart siggy from Yvonne Albrechtsen, in return for one I sent her several months ago. I sent out a bunch in April and am still waiting for several to make their way back to me. Yvonne has given me hope that I'm not waiting in vain!

And here is a beautiful "Sunbonnet Sue" all the way from Switzerland, where it is probably much cooler than it is here in Texas today, though I really shouldn't complain when it's only in the 90's. Leyla Ferrari sent me this "Sue" out of the blue, so I have to hurry up and send one of mine back to her. I haven't had to do that in a while! Fortunately I still have a few all made up. I don't think anyone else has sent me a Sunbonnet Sue siggy, which is really surprising when you consider her popularity. I don't think I've ever been to a quilt show that didn't have multiple "Sue's" on display. A funny thing happened while I was on my 5 week hiatus from blogging - I got another follower! That totally cracks me up. I had sat at 11 followers for practically EVER, then I bug out for a while, and I get another one. Can it be that some of you like me better in abstentia? lol

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Annelies said...

You got two beautiful siggies !!