Monday, July 28, 2008

Siggies with Grandma Vivian's Tatting

I sewed Grandma Vivian's tatting to the siggies I made out of the fabric she sent me. I think they turned out really great! I have sewn six of the eight tatted pieces she gave me: three circles, two angels and a heart. I particularly like the tatted angels, especially the red one. I really like the pink one too; it's so delicate and airy.
gave each of the "girls" a french knot halo to make them look even more celestigated. (I just love that word, "celestigated" and it's a shame how seldom you ever get to use it!)
I made one too few of the pink siggies, so I still have one pink tatted circle that doesn't have a home yet. I really liked how the pink tatted circles turned out, which is good because I have three of them made up already. I'm not sure if I'm going to use all three of these identical siggies in the same quilt. They may be happier in different homes. 8-)
I'm also not too sure about this smaller tatted heart. I don't think I finessed it into being heart-shaped enough. It takes a little bit of imagination to see it as a heart.
The next time we go to Shreveport I'll bring these siggies, along with a selection of Pigma pens and some fine sandpaper so Grandma can sign them properly. Also, I think Grandma was right, the large red tatted heart is just too big for a standard sized siggy. I've found a website that I'll be talking about more later on, where very small quilts are auctioned for Alzheimer's research money. I think the large red tatted heart would make an excellent centerpiece for a little jewel of a quilt. And since Ellie (my DMIL and Vivian's DD) had frontal lobar dementia before her fatal heart attack in 2005, it would be a highly appropriate memorial.


TattingChic said...

What lovely bits of tatting. I love how you celestialized the little angels (another great word...LOL). What a beautiful, sentimental little quilts you're going to have! I can't wait to see more!

Ivory Spring said...

The tatting added such a unique touch - what a great idea!