Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fantasy Pony Quilt - All Cut Out

I started working on the Fantasy Pony quilt; I got all 12 strips cut. Since I'm making a slightly different quilt from the pattern (one less border) I put the dimensions in EQ6 so I wouldn't make any stupid mistakes. I'm not planning to cut any of the strips to length until they're attached, so that should be ok, but I've already messed up once on this project. I should have read the instructions before pre-washing the fabric. Ellen Edith says in the pattern: "I don't pre-wash, but if you do, dip in water, then line dry and press." Oh really? And after that gentle treatment, the fabric won't ever shrink again? Perhaps that's the "Fantasy" part of the Fantasy Pony quilt. Give me a nice hot dryer to stabilize fabric any day. Unfortunately I didn't read it, so I didn't sew the edges on the panel fabrics. They ravelled an unbelieveable amount. I'm probably not going to have any turquoise showing around the inner panel unless I sew very scant seams. Darn it! I hate it when that happens. At least it's not like the Baby Fats quilts. We washed those fat quarters and suddenly they were too small to cut the fabric the way it was designed. Sigh. I really need to start reading patterns before cutting fabric. Wish me luck!

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