Friday, July 11, 2008

More Tools and One Slightly Wrecked Car

I know, I know, when are you actually going to make something, Susan? Soon, soon, I promise! I've even got the Fantasy Pony fabric all pre-washed and ironed and ready to go.

I watched the Sally Collins dvd again and decided to buy an Ott Lite (40% off Hobby Lobby coupon). I replaced my Tacky Glue too. My last bottle must have been 10 years old. When I tried to use it, the inside had congealed into a moist blubbery mass. I got two more Omnigrid rules too (4x4 and 3x8), a craft knife for cutting templates, a 1/16" hole punch, and a nice metal sewing gauge, just like Gramma used to have, to replace my plastic one.
It's been a crazy week. Larry and I got rear-ended Wednesday night. No biggie (no one hurt, both cars driveable - just a bump). But the lovely young (very young) woman who smushed us was anxious to pay cash and avoid an insurance claim. I think she also was eager to put off telling her Dad! We really wanted to file a claim, especially when the dealership couldn't rule out hidden $$$ internal damage. We also really wanted to talk to a parent, or at least someone who wasn't actively weeping.
Fortunately, by last night, she was much calmer, and had been instructed by her Dad to call her insurance agent; so all is well. Poor thing. What was a minor annoyance for us, was a superhugebigdeal to her. With age comes perspective, I guess. I felt sorry for her. While Larry was copying down her insurance info, I tried to console her as she sped through all five stages of grief in about 45 seconds.

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