Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sheila's Project Linus Blankets

Recently the quilting group I'm in at work decided that, at least for the duration of the war, we wanted to focus more on quilting for the USO rather than for Project Linus; however, we didn't want to abandon Project Linus completely. I somehow found myself agreeing to become the Project Linus coordinator for our little group, with Virginia as my able assistant.
So far that has meant very little as we didn't have any blankets or quilts to donate; however, that changed last week when Sheila Hill donated these two lovely fleece blankets specifically for Project Linus. Since I have formally renounced working with fleece for at least the remainder of 2008, I am very grateful that Sheila has picked up the slack with these two darling blankets. My job now, is to contact the Tarrant County Project Linus coordinator that I plan to drop the two blankets off at The Berry Patch quilt store so she can pick them up. Won't some little boy love to have his own "Hot Wheels" blanket! Way to go, Sheila!

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