Sunday, August 31, 2008

Batik Friendship Stars

Here are the batik Friendship Stars I made at the Make a Blanket Day last Friday. The backgrounds are all identical; I tried to get the point colors to be more true and it made the turquoise background pieces look like they don't match. The centers are all from the same piece of fabric too, but the batik they come from has so much variation in it that each one will be unique. I'll be making two more Friendship Stars of each colorway. Then there will be four corner Friendship Stars (all alike, I think) that I haven't chosen fabric for yet. The center panel has nine stars, each 9"x9", the corner ones will be smaller, only 6"x6". I'm planning to sash the center panel with a spectacular grass green batik, with dark blue cornerstones. This is a baby quilt, about four feet square. I went to the Make a Blanket day with a plan and every batik in my stash. I had a very different, darker, lower contrast quilt in mind, but when I was auditioning fabric for the stars, I ended up with a very bright quilt yet again. I just fell in love with the look of the turquoise fabric against all three of the contrasting red/purple/pink. They're not hugely different from each other, more subtle, and the centers are very unifying too. I'll be curious to see how it turns out because right now it looks NOTHING like my EQ6 color design.

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