Tuesday, August 26, 2008

International Siggy Swap - Monique Feys and Manie van den Berg

This past Saturday I got two international siggies in the mail! This threw me into a frenzy because I didn't actually have two of my own siggies ready to go. Uh oh. Time to get busy. Monique's siggy is a cute little teddy bear on the run; I think it's hand drawn. I'm pretty sure that hers is the first siggy I have gotten from Belgium. I had to run like her little bear to whip up a few of my own siggies; fortunately I had several sewn together that only needed stamping and signing. I got mine out to Monique and Manie this morning, so I'm all caught up now with two to spare.

Manie van den Berg collects scissors, so her siggy is doubly appropriate with pairs of scissors on both the fabric and the center. I wrote her about the amazing pair of scissors we saw in Albuquerque at the World of Knives; they were so huge that you would think they were just for show. But when I tried them I found they were so light that they would be fully functional. I posted a picture of them here back in June. (The picture doesn't really do them justice, they had to be well over a foot long): http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii60/SusanInTexas/First3days019.jpg. By the way, that is not some weird script on her siggy, her little town is called Rijswijk, but I have no earthly idea how it's pronounced. Google maps shows that she is indeed living "in the free nature between two rivers, in the middle of Holland." In fact, you can see what must be a gigantic white ship churning down one of the rivers near her house.